MYGA Facts

ROP means “Return of Premium”.  This means that if you die before the scheduled income payments start, then 100% of that $$ will go to your listed beneficiaries on the policy.

Your beneficiary would receive 100% of the initial premium lump sum.

All deferred annuities give you the option of converting that policy into an income stream.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT….but the choice is available.  99% of all MYGA owners do not choose that option.  MYGAs function like CDs.  It’s that simple.

The application process is very simple with all of the® sites: (®®®, and®).  95% of the process is done online, with online forms…with the final 5% handled by a licensed administrative person (non-agent).  The application process involves suitability questions. The vast majority of annuities are single premium.  You can either write a check, or wire the funds directly to the carriers.  Regarding do you need to show proof of funds? No.  You fill out the application by answering the suitability questions.  Regarding how does it work specifically? Not sure if you are talking about the application process, or carrier suitability.  Please call me so I can clarify. Regarding, once you determine the amount you care to purchase, say $100,000, can they provide all the specifics of the contract before receiving payment or guarantee of payment?  Yes.

Most, but not all MYGA’s are “RMD friendly” and will allow you to take your RMDs without any penalty. It depends on the carrier, and the specific product.

It is the single best rule that the annuity industry has ever implemented!  If you buy a MYGA and the policy is delivered the free look period begins.  Depending upon the state you live in it could be 10 to 30 days during which you can call the carrier direct to ask any needed questions. If you want your money returned you do not need to provide a reason.  Just follow the administrative instructions to get a full refund.

Laddering MYGAs is a no brainer because you will have money coming due every year to hopefully take advantage of rising interest rates.  If you have $300,000 you can put $100,000 into a 3 year MYGA at 2%, put $100,000 into a 4 year MYGA at 2.5%, and $100,000 into a 5 year MYGA at 3.1%. Starting in year 3 you have money coming due without a surrender charge.  You can take the money or execute a tax free transfer to another MYGA or other annuity.


  • I can grow my retirement funds for a certain period of time at a guaranteed interest rate.
  • My money will grow with tax-deferred benefits in my non-IRA account.
  • Simply…. I decide how much money I want to put to work at a fixed interest rate.
  • I decide how many years I want to be locked into that rate.
  • I choose a quality annuity company.sit_z


  • zebra_sitThe annuity company I choose will declare the interest rate.
  • These rates depend on the volatility of the U.S. Treasury Note.
  • They also depend on the competitiveness of the current annuity industry environment.

  • My CD will accumulate interest that is taxable at the end of each year.
  • My MYGA will grow with tax-deferred interest that is taxable only when I withdraw the money.
  • Also, I should not plan to withdraw my money early from either my CD or my MYGA because there will be penalties.


  • Yes, but annuity companies differ in what I can or cannot withdraw.
  • Some allow 10% annually without penalty, others allow interest only without penalty, and others don’t allow any withdrawals during the first year.
  • I will do my homework before I sign a contract.

  • No, simply put.myga_icon
  • My principle is never used for fees or commissions.
  • I can get a Free Quote right now!